Why CISS ?

If you are using your home printer to make your own photo albums or you are printing a lot of documents you may be looking for a way to reduce costs.
New cartridges may cost about 90% from the initial cost of the new printer, so replacing them with new ones is not a solution. Trying to refill them with ink and a syringe will eventually damage your cartridges and it’s a pretty messy job.
A very good option is to consider using a CISS system. CISS - Continuous Ink Supply System can help you minimize printing expenses when using an ink-jet printer. The system works very simple, it feeds ink directly to your cartridges from an external tank and you don’t need to change them. It’s very easy to install and you can find a version for the most printer manufacturers (CISS HP, CISS Canon or CISS Epson).
So if you are looking for quality and money saving a CISS system is the best printing solution for you.

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